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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Watering the Toaster and Making a Cup of Toast

Yep I did it!  I got up in the
  morning and went to make my coffee.  Filled my little container with water and then......poured it in the toaster!

Does this look anything like a coffe pot?
I bought a Keurig coffee making system to simplify but evidently my life is still in grave danger if I keep drinking coffee!
Yes I am lucky I didn't get electrocuted but worse than that my husband saw me do it and stood there in shock.  Luckily everything turned out o.k. and my toaster still works....
Story is not over yet....
That same day I went outside to cut a few herbs.  I noticed that they needed watering (uh oh theres that word again, water) so, I filled my little container with water and then found myself standing in my bathroom! LOL!  Wondering what I went in there for! LOL!
IN the end the herbs got water, the toaster still works and I am still alive!



Donna said...

Love your blog and Boy, do I know how you feel!Hahaa
Have a Safe day!Lol

Alison said...

Oh Diane, just shows how tired we mothers/grandmothers can get. Sometimes I think we just run on Automatic and that's when things go wrong. Thank goodness you didn't hurt yourself. Worst part is that 'hubby' saw you do it and will probably tease you forever
Take care

Diane said...

Yeah we had company at the time and I was just a BIT distracted...and yes now hubby knows everywhere we goes he talks about me watering the toaster....oh well!

Lori said...

hee hee:) i do stuff like that all the time...it is reassuring to know i am not alone, so thanks for sharing...i'm glad everything worked out in the end!!!

ps: love your blog name...

Diane said...

tee hee I do it all the time but this one took the cake!

The Happy Homemaker said...

Yep, I've been known to put the ice cream in the cabinet and the air freshener in the fridge;)Glad everything turned out fine!