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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I love Whitewash.....

I am addicted to Pinterest and especially to all of the white rooms!  I live in a log cabin and have for 7 years.  I am just a bit tired of wood.  I need white in my cabin!  I am just so scared to paint these logs because once painted its over.  I am going to start on the front porch while the weather is nice then I will move to my kitchen later. 
Ok so many of you may remember that this is my porch....

Well not anymore........

I made some changes....

Moved the porch swing and painted it green...

Changed the pillows too.  I actually stole these from the motorhome.  I plan to make some white burlap ones soon!

added some new OLD furniture and painted the shutters and other doodads raspberry red...

I am not done with this yet.  I want to put some graphics on it.

This is an old rinse tub I just threw a fern in...

And then I just went to my barn and found some stuff!

Added some acorns to my pots for fall.

And planted lettuce in all of my pots that weren't happy anymore!
Next I am going to paint a diamond pattern on the porch floor.....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Here I go again......

I hope you all will join me! 
I quit blogging a couple of years ago.....graphic art got the best of me.   Tired of working, I am now ready to start having fun again! 
I am getting ready to make some major changes around my cabin and thought I would share with all of you.
I have already started a little on my back porch.
This is a little private area out my bedroom doors.
There is an outdoor fireplace there but I didn't have it lookin cute enough yet so no picture.
We were gone all summer on a vacation to Colorado so when I came home in August I was ready to start cleaning my porches up and switching things up.  Here I made some new pillows and cute curtains but I am probably going to change that this week!
Ok gotta get Dylan to bed.  He is getting delerious.