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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Master Suite Cottage Cabin Chic Style (Sneak Peek)

We have had family here visiting for a week and they have really helped us move along with our Master Suite! 
Keep in mind we are still "Under Construction"!
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
This is going to be my girly sanctuary so we are staining everything with a natural stain to keep it very light.
Ok, well lets go.....

These are the doors that will go into our bedroom from our living room.....

Found these when we went on the longest yardsale last summer for $10!

Found the vintage leather chairs at Hot Springs in a flea market.  $35 for all 4!
Ok this is the outside fireplace.  It is covered with a roof and the table above sits in front of it. 
Still working on mantle decor!

These are the doors that go in from our fireplace

Here is one view of our MS. 
NO Deer mounts allowed!
I have been collecting vintage bird, vintage lady pictures.....

Everything will be stained natural.  The window trim will be painted Raspberry Truffle and all of the bedding and window treatments will be soooooooooooo shabby chic!
We added a loft and forgot about adding stairs!
So we had these spiral stairs made to fit right in the corner.

The loft will be a library.
I wanted it for my studio but quickly got outvoted!
They say I am too messy when I sew.  Humpf!

Well that's it for now.....
Time to eat some fresh made strawberry pie!


Vickie said...

Wow lots of work ahead of you! Love the doors. Can't wait to see when it's all done!

Diane said...

Oh Vickie you have no idea! We have been working for a year and quite frankly I have become a whiner!
Thanks for your comment.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

OH Diane what a WONDERFUL MS you have...Love the spiral staircase and most especially the little private area with the fireplace. I can picture sitting out there in the fall with that fire blazing and all those beautiful colored leaves all around you. Gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next...I'll be back. Take care....Maura:)

Diane said...

Glad you stopped by Maura!
We have actually been sitting out there in the evenings, that was until last night. It got to hot.
We have had family visiting and have got to show it off! I can't wait to get flowers everywhere out there and something for that mantle! I love your blog and omg your lilacs! I have my driveway lined with lilacs but mine are still only about 4 ft tall.

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Diane ~
I just love your home and yard ~ it is so very beautiful !!

Diane said...

Thank you so much Lori! It has been a lot of HARD work....but worth it this year.

Cinnamonstitch said...

That is so awesome, cant wait to see it all done, DEFINITELY with the shabby chic :)
Hope you come by and visit by blog
Have a great week

Alison said...

This is going to be an amazing space. You will be so in love with it and be so proud of your selves for all the hard work you have done.

Diane said...

Well today we got the ceiling stained, the wall, floor and bookshelves of the loft stained too!

Tisa See said...

The door was indeed a great find. Are you planning to do a paint job on them? Painting it white would be great and you definitely wouldn't go wrong with replacing the knobs with shiny gold ones. It looks like your going for a vintage-themed house. That'd be quite the combination, won't it?

Tisa See @ABC Roofing Inc.

Ronnie Cain said...

Just by looking at these photos and reading your plans for the house, I can tell that your house turned out to be so wonderful! The spiral stairs are a great idea if you need more space in the house. I see that your theme here has more of a vintage style. That double door over there would be a great addition.

Ronnie Cain @Euclid Roofing